Investfly Stock Alert

Investfly makes it easy to track the best situation for your trade. With our stock alert feature you can easily create conditions on which you will get notification when those conditions meet. You can set that condition for particular ticker, list of tickers, market indexes or all the tickers on the market. Our stock alert makes use of same query that you build for our screener so that you can switch back and forth. Some of the example condtions of stock alert are as follows:

Example Alert 1:
(lastprice > 105) on AAPL ticker

Example Alert 2:
(RSI(14) <= 70) AND (RSI(14) >= 50) on All tickers of US market

Example Alert 3:
(2 * sma(14) - ema(5) > ema(14)) AND (min(close, 5) > max(close, 14))on S&P 500 index

Note: Please refere to our Query Builder documentation for getting most out of our builder.

Steps for Creating Alert

  • Login to investfly.
  • Click on "My Stock Alerts" from the sidebar menu. There you will see the list of all alerts you have created.
  • Click on "Create New Alert" button on that page.
  • A popup box will appear where you can select different options for alert. Such as whether you want a alert on particular tickers or all tickers or on market index. Whether you want repeatable alert or one time alert.
  • After selecting your settings and click "Continue".
  • Now the builder will appear from where you can build different condition. Please visit our Query Builder documentation if you need help.
  • Click on "Save Alert" button when you are done.

Frequently Asked Question

I got an email with title "Your alert condtion has been expired". What is that?
Yes we will automatically deactivate your alert after 3 months to keep our server state clean. You can re-activate your alert from your alert list page in our website. After you re-activate alert it expiration date again extends for 3 months.

How repeatable alert works?
If you choose Repeatable Alert then you will get notification everytime your alert condition matches. For example: You set alert on APPL with condition (lastprice > 104). You will get notification every time AAPL price crosses over 104.

What is Re-trigger Period on repeatable alert?
Retrigger Period is a time interval express in number of days during which you won't get next alert even if your condition satifies. The first alert is not applicable for Retrigger Period. Retrigger Period can be of 1 day to Any number of days. For example: You set alert on GOOG with condition (RSI(14) < 50) and set Retrigger Period for 20 days. It means once Google's RSI(14) crosses below 50 you will get your first notification and after that you won't get any notification of this alert for 20 days even if this condition satisfy again during that period.

After building my alert condition I click on "Run as Screener" button but it doesnot work?
You browser might have disabled the pop for You must get notification in your browser if happen so. Please select "Allow Popup for" option from browser and hit "Run as Screener" button again.