June 2018 Release

We are proud to announce integration of another broker to our Trading platform: Trade Station.

Trade Station users can now connect and perform real-time automated trades using Investfly's state of the art 'Automated Trading' feature.

In addition to it, we've enabled automated trading for Options too. Users can now set up trigger condition and trade options automatically.

Option Trigger in Investfly

User can choose to set their custom trigger leveraging our 100+ list of Technical and Fundamental Indicators. Or, user can choose from the pre-provided list of triggers.

Common Triggers

  • Limit Trigger
  • Stop Trigger
  • Stop Limit Trigger
  • OCO Trigger

Advanced Triggers

  • Upper Bollinger Band Breakout
  • Lower Bollinger Band Breakout
  • MACD Signal CrossOver
  • Near 52-week High
  • RSI Overbought Trigger
  • RSI Oversold Trigger
  • Moving Average Crossover
  • Price Crossover Trigger