Stock Screeners

To figure out what to trade you can filter the entire stock universe for stocks that meet certain criteria. The Stock Screener is a tool that investors and traders use to filter stocks based on specific metrics that you set.. For example, price, market capitalization, P/E ratio, dividend yield and 52-week price change percentage, average volume and average five-year return on investment (ROI).You can also screen for more complex data points such as technical or fundamental indicators. For example, one could filter for stocks that are trading above their 200-day moving average, and whose Relative Strength Index (RSI) values are between a specified range.

Stock Screeners

Investfly screener allows users to select a template or create form scratch to build up complex filters by simply combining stock characteristics. Users are able to hone in on a very specific group of stocks. Users can also share screens that they have created with other users or keep them private.

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Find Stocks that are trading:

  • Above their 50 day Simple Moving Average
  • Below their 200 Day Simple Moving Average

After createing screeners it will run automatically and results will in tabular form as below:

See the results:

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How to Create a Screener

  • Login to investfly.
  • Visit marketin desktop browser and in mobile visit Screeners. "My Screeners" from the sidebar menu. There you will see the list of all screens you have created.
  • In Desktop devices, search screener section and Click on "Create New Screener". and in mobile devices, Click on "Create New Screener"
  • A popup dialog box will appear where you can choose a any template to start as beginners, or you chose "Create From Scratch" button to create own custom screeners. After that it will open dialog form where input will be filled out if any template chosen or empty if "Create From Scratch" is clicked. Pick a name for your new screen, add a description if you want, and select whether you want to make the screen public or private for updating or crating new one.
  • Click "Create".
  • After that screen will be running your screener query.
  • You can click on "Edit Screener" on result page if you want to edit the screener.


Real-Time SMS/Email Alerts

If your favorite stocks hits a 52-week high, find out immediately with a text message alert. Gain insights into the market with real-time SMS and email alerts, so you're always connected to the market and your portfolio.


Now that you're familiar with our screener and automation tools you can set alerts to notify you when stocks meet your criteria.

Investfly makes it easy to track the best situation for your trades. With our stock alert feature you can easily create conditions on which you will get notification when those conditions meet. You can set that condition for particular ticker, list of tickers, market indexes or all the tickers on the market. Our stock alert makes use of same query that you build for our screener so that you can switch back and forth. Some of the example conditions of stock alert are as follows:

Add RSI above 70 example

Steps for Creating Alert

  • Login to investfly.
  • Visit marketdatain desktop browser and in mobile visit Alerts.
  • Find alerts section in desktop device and Click on "Set Alerts" button.
  • A popup dialog box will appear, There you will see list of template in carousel and a button to "Create From Scratch" options. you can choose any of these option. when clicking "select and modify" will show form where all the input is filled from the chosen template. if "Create From Scratch" is click then a empty form will be opened, Such as whether you want a alert on particular tickers or all tickers or on market index. Whether you want repeatable alert or one time alert.
  • After selecting your settings and click "Create" which will create an alert.
Alert Template Alert Setting


Track your stocks and investments. You can also create multiple watchlists.


How to Create a Watchlists

  • Login to investfly.
  • Visit market in desktop browser and in mobile visit watchlist.
  • In Desktop devices, Find watchlists section and enter the stock symbol you want to track and click on add symbol

Top Gainers and Looser

See the list of the today top gaining and losing stocks, including last price change and percentage

gainer stocks looser stocks

From the list of today's top gainer and loser you can even trade by selecting desired stock and clicking the trade button

How to Trade from gainer and looser

  • Login to investfly.
  • Visit market in desktop browser and in mobile visit market.
  • In Desktop devices, select the desired stock by clicking in checkbox. then button labeled as "Trade Stock" will be enable
  • After that a dialog with form will be open and user needs to fill the input. these input will be same for all selected stocks
  • And After entering all input user needs to click "submit" for execution of buying stocks or selling.

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