Investfly Screener

Investfly screener allows users to build up complex filters simply. By combining simple queries together, users are able to hone in on a very specific swath of stocks. Users can also share screens that they have created with other users or keep them private, and its completely free!

For more information on screener queries please refer to our query builder documentation.

How to Create a Screener

  • Login to investfly.
  • Click on "Screeners" under "My Account" section from the sidebar menu. There you will see the list of all screens you have created.
  • Click on "Create Screener".
  • Enter the query conditions for your screener.
  • Click on "Run Screener" button for running your screener query.
  • You can click on "Save" button if you want to save the screener.
  • Pick a name for your new screen, add a description if you want, and select whether you want to make the screen public or private.
  • Click "Save".
  • Now the builder will appear from where you can build out different conditions. Please visit our Query Builder documentation for further information.
  • You can click on "Update" on result page if you want to edit the screener.

Frequently Asked Question

Is all the data you provide real-time data?
No, there can be maximum 30 minute delay in our data, but we're working on adding real-time data in the near future.

Can I update my previously saved screens?
Yes, of course. From the list of saved screens you can click on the name of a screen. It will open up the builder with all your previously saved conditions. From here you can add a new filter, delete a prior one or edit the filter anyway you like. After editing you can click on the "Update" button to save the changes.