Automate Your Trades

Bill likes Google's long term prospects and wants to opportunistically buy more of the stock. Investfly allows Bill to easily create an automated trading strategy that purchases GOOG stock every time the S&P is down 1%.

Trade Stocks Automatically
Explore New Trading Strategies

Explore New Trading Strategies

Stumped about the market? Investfly provides a library of popular algorithmic trading strategies that can be viewed, tested and cloned to your own portfolio! Follow other traders to share ideas (if they are willing to share!).

Leverage Stock Alerts and Screener

Never miss a trade. If your favorite stocks hits a 52-week high, find out immediately with an automatic SMS stock alert. With Investfly's powerful set of tools gain insights into the market and your portfolio. Always stay connected with our automated screens and alerts.

Leverage Investfly Stock Alerts and Stock Screeners

Go From Virtual Stock To Live Trading

Found the perfect strategy? Test and refine it on our virtual stock exchange before trading it live on your brokerage account. We currently support connections to Tradier, & TD Ameritrade with more to come!

Tradier TD Ameritrade

Turning Your Ideas Into Strategies

Investfly is an online trading platform and community where members build and share strategies, collaborate and exchange ideas and leverage powerful trading tools to make more informed market decisions. Easily link your brokerage account and trade your strategies live.


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