What is Investfly?

Investfly is a platform to analyze the market and systematically automate your trading ideas. Investfly offers all standard tools market research tools such as real time stock prices, charting, news feed, stock screener, and stock alerts. Investfly supports different levels of automation - from a simple standalone automated trade order to a full blown trading strategy with entry and exit conditions. Investfly does not require you to have any programming skill to define a trading strategy as it allows you to express trading rules using simple mathematical formulas (similar to what you use in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications). Investfly offers various ways to test and validate your trading ideas - by using backtest or deploying strategy to a virtual portfolio. Finally, Investfly also supports trading real stocks by connecting your broker account. The following diagram depicts high level steps that we expect our users to go through at Investfly.

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Ideal Users

Investfly is the best-in-class platform for day traders and swing traders who typically trade in minute, hours and days timeframe utilizing fundamental and technical indicators. If your trading methodology involves looking at multiple price charts with multiple technical indicators in multiple screens all day, then you are doing a big damage to your physical, vision and mental health. With Investfly, you can automate all standard strategies like trend following strategy, breakout strategy, contrarian strategy based on indicators and chart patterns. You will be able to define exact entry and exit points and let the system do the hard work. Investfly is not a good fit for high frequency quant traders. Although we have plans to evolve in this direction, Investfly currently does not support deploying complex quant strategies (e.g based on AI/ML). Secondly, our end-to-end system latency, which is the time taken from receiving new price quote to submitting trade order, can be up to 10 secs. This makes Investfly unsuitable for high-frequency trading. We do not have any plans to support high frequency trading in the future.

Academic Solution

Investfly also offers an academic solution for universities to enable their students get hands on trading experience by using our trading simulator that supports stocks, options and futures. The instructor dashboard allows the instructor to view all their students, track their activities and monitor their performance.