Broker Account

Investfly supports real trading with a connected broker account. Currently, Investfly supports following two brokers.

  1. Tradier Brokerage -
  2. TD Ameritrade -

Both brokers offer commission-free trading.

Connecting broker account

Connecting broker account means that you provide access to your broker account to Investfly, which enables Investfly to retrieve your account values like Cash Balance, Buying Power, and also submit trades based on your rules. This connection is established based on standard OAuth technology. Once connected, Investfly displays loads Portfolio Dashboard with data from your brokerage account. Therefore, most of the things you can do with Virtual Portfolio can also be done with broker account in the exact same way. You can even manually trade in your broker account right from Investfly!. To connect the broker account.

  1. Access New Portfolios dialog box by clicking create button label as '+' icon
  2. Click on Connect button
  3. Select your broker
  4. Follow directions
portfolio details page

Portfolio Dashboard

Portfolio dashboard will show almost the same information as virtual portfolio as described in Virtual Portfolio . However, some information that cannot be retrieved from your broker account will not be displayed

Starting Account Balance and Performance

Starting cash balance cannot be retrieved for broker account. Secondly, it's not meaningful for broker account because cash can be deposited and withdrawn from broker account any time. So, it won’t be displayed. Without the initial cash balance, account’s lifetime’s overall profit or loss can’t be computed. So that won’t be displayed either. Finally, account’s daily equity value chart won’t be displayed. Without details on deposits and withdraws, the equity value chart won’t also make any sense.