Manage Membership

Investfly offers three levels of membership. The pricing and supported features for each membership level is given in our pricing page


Standard membership allows you to explore various capabilities of the platform. You can browse through the website, create one virtual portfolio, watch list, and submit virtual trade order. But you cannot submit automated trades or connect a live broker account.


Premium membership is ideal for users who want to analyze the market and develop an automated trading strategy. This allows access to most of our platform’s capabilities, except trading live with a real broker account. You could stay at this membership level until you are ready to trade real stocks.


Elite membership provides everything that PREMIUM provides and also allows you to connect your real broker account and trade real stocks.

Viewing your membership type

Use the steps below to view and change your membership level.

  1. Login to investfly.
  2. Visit profile settings.
  3. Click on account type tab.

Your current membership should be displayed.

Member Profile

Changing membership level

Follow below steps to view membership

  1. Click on Change Plan
  2. Select the "Upgrade" or "Downgrade" button.
  3. Complete the payment process if you select Upgrade.
  4. Provide feedback if you selected to downgrade to a lower membership level
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Deactivating account

Follow below steps to deactivate

  1. Follow the steps above to view your membership level.
  2. Click on Deactivate

Update credit card

When your credit card becomes invalid (i.e it expires or is cancelled), you must enter a new credit card to avoid disruption in the service. Your account will be automatically downgrade when charging to credit card on file fails for a few times. Follow these steps to update your credit card.

  1. Login to investfly
  2. Click on User Setting button.
  3. Click on Payment Card.
  4. Click change card details button
  5. Provide new card info

Investfly does not store your card detail. It utilizes third party payment gateway Stripe to process your payments.